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2014-11-14 00:47:11


I was born and live in France; I sign my photos of the surname Xiao Bernard

"Xiao" in Chinese means "Little." I wanted to include this prefix to my French Given Name by love Chinese People which I learned to love after to work during 3 years in China before retiring and taking the picture as main hobby

Little at the age of 12 years to 1963, I had my first camera, a gift from my Grandfather. It was a machine with a bellows using format movies 6cm * 9cm. Why had I been so happy and so proud? Because I think I remember that it was for the pleasure of owning an important tool, capable of fixing moments of life and to show them, as my parents did some Sunday afternoon we commenting on each photo with joy and emotion ,

In fact I made the picture much later, around 18 years by enrolling in a photography club to develop my Black and White always captured with my old camera. At the same time, my parents began travelling at the age of retirement, however my father wanted a new machine to bring back memories and perhaps make me happy. I took advantage of the opportunity to direct it towards the purchase of equipment not too expensive, in 24 * 36, SLR, but with a manual and a good cell integrated optics, 50mm, the famous Russian camera ZENIT E . It was for me the beginning of photography because obviously I monopolized often the ZENIT!

A few years later, during my graduate studies, I could offer my first SLR: Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F. one which was automatic, and easier to handle. It was followed by an Olympus OM101, then a MINOLTA 600SI my last silver regarding goals for MINOLTA hand, I had only supplied with a 50mm case. This was a constraint but also a good school, may be technically easier but forcing them to choose their frames. Obviously portraits and landscapes were the main subjects treated with the Minolta I gained my first Zoom: TAMRON 80 200mm one that allowed me to see the value of a portrait with a longer focal length but its optical quality was much lower than my 50mm .

In the darkroom with my  enlarger DURST M301, what a pleasure to see the development of the black and white image! To play with the hardness of the paper, and their grain to use masks  to highlight the skies or parties whose exposure deserved editing, change the sensitivity of the film. In fact, almost everything later, I could do with Photoshop!

In parallel with the Black and White j used it more often with the KODACHROME  Slide 25 and 64 ASA  with their warm colours and their  extraordinary sharpness. The Sunday afternoon sessions often became slideshows.

One day, I made colour prints, slides after the outcome with treatment CIBA was perfect but the pleasure of the darkroom was no longer there, he had to follow a procedure strictly and especially without see .... The orange lamp is not to set flush.

Then came the digital MINOLTA Dimage F300 with a compact but quickly replaced by a reflex MINOLTA Dinax 5 D. I took some time to know all aspects of digital and its chain optimization. In 2006, just one year before being retired, I became a user with Camera SONY and  MINOLTA Lenses. I will describe in more detail some hardware equipment that I currently use.

In the past, before the internet, I read a lot of magazines and books to learn photography in all its technical and artistic aspects. I continue because the paper is something tangible, more sensitive,.

 But the most interesting to learn is to dissect the photos, images, tables, captivate us.

Cartier Bresson, for the brilliance of his stories, David Hamilton for its atmosphere, Helmut Newton for his handling of femininity, Vincent Munier for poetry in his vision of nature, the Impressionist Painters for  their treatment  of the landscapes and lightings ...

Many areas of the photo I am interested in me even though they are not all accessible. Photo of Nature, however, is one that brings the most m probably because I live in the Vosges in France in the middle of it and I feel good.

Since my retirement in 2007, I invested a lot in photography therein more fun in my youth. Now everything is almost possible thanks to advances in technology, the immense knowledge sharing,

This practice, a way to express to capture moments of life, the beauty that surrounds us, emotion, colours, moods and communicate more. I now try a new level by sharing my experiences through this site and communicate with other enthusiasts .

 Above: My first camera with lens 105mm Angenieux is still operational to this day sitting on a table near me.