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Imagine a small canal in a park in England LEICESTER to be precise.

I walk with the intention of taking landscape photos.

I only brought with me, not to be too crowded, my "Sony Alpha 77" and my "Tamron 28-75mm f2, 8."

The weather is gray, but ideal for capturing every nuance of tone without being bothered by light too hard, and that destroys everything in shades of white.

It is about 10:00 am.

A little exercise will do me good. My dog ​​is not with me, I think it well, because it is rare that I'm out without him.

I see swans off, the channel is not wide, perfect I can be close to them to take pictures.

After being approached me, I find that the two friends begin to jiggle; obviously it's time for grooming. Like all birds they need to wash all their parasites that invade their plumage.

At this point ballet violent movements began, splashing water, stretching, flapping. The type of moment that a photographer likes to see ...


The Presets:


Speed: Two months ago I wanted to capture with my camera nozzles nozzles. I knew that in order to freeze the movement of large birds the ideal speed is 1/1000 s mini, the ideal would be 1/2000 sec if you want to freeze everything.


Sensitivity: I got into the habit of not choosing sensitivities beyond 800ASA to keep the maximum definition, I play continually optimize the settings for this point.


Opening: With my goal has an excellent definition, I'm sure I can well capture these movements very fast, but the main problem is the depth of field. Nothing more embarrassing than not having enough amplitude sharpness for these swans. I choose to be in aperture priority with a value that will fast speeds and depth, 4.5. With a maximum length of 100mmm APC format it should be if the swan does not side too.


Exposure Compensation + / -: Another essential is remaining exposure. The details of the feathers are hard to capture well. I choose the weighted metering with my usual exposure under 0.3.


AF: I always choose the collimators that allow individual development located most accurate, even if it lost a little time.


Vision of treatment: I already know how I treat the photos. A swan is a bird, which is the heaviest of all but the most gracious. To bring out the feathers and elegant, black and white (or almost) s required, and the square format because the environment of this channel is not conducive to integration into the community, or the swan is the single subject.


Format: RAW on the position, important, this setting allows you to capture all the details of this decision in extreme tones.


Oblivion: As I left with the intention of capturing landscapes, I set my conditioner unit in position "photo one by one. This box "Alpha 77, a machine is super fast shooting, this is annoying in landscape photos as fingering to avoid the burst is too difficult to master. After a few takes, I reactivated the ultra fast burst mode.


I realized about 30 shots of the scene. Faced with such a subject, do not hesitate to use the burst ... because all poses are very difficult to predict.





The Result in  RAW:


After cropping the central image size is 3000 pixels aside.


Treatment with Photoshop CS5

I use Photoshop for some years now. Especially following the studies of my son Geoffrey, who made this site, as was studying image processing and graphics. It helped me to train me, even though I struggled for some time to use this tool!



The background is darker and reliefs clearly highlighted with hints of enriched golden


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