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  • NEX 7 COMPARED to SONY ALPHA 850 and 77

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    Saturday 04-10-2014 10:09:56 - Vue 712 fois
My   main Remarks on the Nex 7 compared with SONY Alpha 850 and A77
Brut Weight 850g 653g 291g
Viewfinder Top , very luminous  not so comfortable, the colours can be surprising sometimes,  control with the LCD screen  is necessary to give a serenity. same as 77 , in  smallest dimension .An eye cup is absolutely necessary to see in all situation
Datas in the viewfinder Standard It is the TOP. You can have the maximum, more than that you can see the real result , and it is the TOP 2. idem 77
 LCD Screen non orientable the best in conception orientable  The Three get the same screen.
AF medium Top for the following with high cadence, the mode with following of the subject is very efficient medium the SONY 77 is extra for this job, a great improvement /SONY 850/700 
Sensibility ISO treatment jpg not at the top  , preference to the RAW the treatment jpg is very good till  1600ISO the treatment jpg is very good till  1600ISO
Steady Shot. Yes  or No choice is possible  Yes  or No choice is possible  No We must take care to the point on the Nex without the lenses stabilized E .
Focusing standard big advantage with the  loupe  better than with A77
Navigation in the Menus standard and easy More complicated than 850 Simple and quick 
Customizable buttons perfect idem 850 not the same level of  both others, but it is the best of family NEX
Image Quality Top till 800 ISO beyond the noise takes over. good till 1600ISO good till 1600ISO
Cadence   5i/s  10i/s in mode A 5i/s , in mode S 10i/s for the NEX it's a problem with non-E lenses when  the S  mode is not possible
Mode Auto  No existing Existing and very performing Top
mode HDR/panorama No existing Very performing Very performing
Time life battery low low low
Noise  Important, the mirror is big… low very low
Grip Battery Well done, very important to use if possible Well done, very important to use if possible Do not exist except a Taiwan version but not very interesting
Studio Picture  (note on 5(top) till  1 (not terrible) 5 3 3 The accuracy  and the comfort are researched in first
Wildlife Picture 4 5 1 Speed and precision AF
Closed Up 4 4 4 Each device has its advantages and defects, the NEX stands up very well, weight, sharpness, noise, adjustment adjustable screen, settings  focusing

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